Health Coaching, Cooking and Nutrition, and Camps

Do you need a wellness coach? A wellness coach can assist with a variety of different health changes. These services include, but are not limited to, weight management, exercise, nutrition, stress, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, and mindful eating. Health and Wellness Coaches do not diagnose or prescribe, however, they can assist you with creating a healthier lifestyle.

At Wellness SLC we use evidence-based practices to help improve your health and quality of life. The programs available help teach you new skills and form habits that are meant to create a lifetime of health. Weight loss is usually an outcome of learning and practicing these skills. Wellness SLC doesn’t force food restrictions or supplementation. These types of eating patterns are short-lived and only cause more confusion. We believe that teaching you skills to listen to your body more, incremental change, and mindfulness will help you improve your health. Learn more about what to expect and how the program works.

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  • 30 Day Eating Challenge
    Feel good about yourself and your eating choices with this realistic eating challenge. When the 30 days is done, ask yourself what can you continue to do for better health? I’d love to hear your answers.
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  • Self-Compassion
    Every since March of 2020, the start of the pandemic, I have listened to hours…
  • Walk the Walk
    Walking is one of my favorite ways to be active through my day because I…
  • Health is Not Linear
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Wellness SLC uses a holistic approach to improve the overall health of the community. Sessions focus on teaching skills that help behaviors and attitudes for a healthier lifestyle. Cooking classes are aimed to reduce obesity, improve the health of the community, and create healthy habits for a lifetime. All recipes are easy, simple, and made from fresh, whole foods. Classes are inclusive and positive. The goal is to breakdown stigmas, guilt, and shame so everyone can work towards a healthier life.