Currently all coaching sessions are done via zoom through the Healthie app. Plans are under way for summer camp. Depending on the CDC and local health department recommendations, the items listed below might change. However, keeping everyone safe and healthy is always the goal of Wellness SLC.

COVID-19 Cleanliness Camp Guidelines

I want to make camp a wonderful, safe, and healthy experience for everyone. I believe that cleanliness is super-important when preparing food. Even before COVID-19, I already followed many guidelines for sanitizing surfaces and tools, washing hands, and preparing foods to temperature. The following guidelines are based on the recommendations from the CDC regarding summer camps. To ensure a healthy experience for everyone, I will follow these recommendations. Let’s make our camp clean and healthy!

  • Temperature – The temperature of every child will be checked upon their arrival to camp. Any child with a fever will not be permitted to attend. Please don’t send your child to camp if they are sick or have a fever.
  • Face masks – Please have your child wear a face mask to camp each day. Masks will be worn throughout the majority of camp.
  • Protective Clothing – In addition to their face masks, every camper will wear protective gloves and disposable aprons during the cooking sessions. Protective wear is to help prevent the sharing of germs and keep each other clean.
  • Physical Distancing – Campers will be encourage to follow the CDC physical distancing recommendations. The camp registration is limited to 8 children per session. Campers will have designated cooking stations.
  • Kitchen Tools – Campers will not share the same cooking tools. Tools will be sanitized after every use.
  • Cleanliness – Campers will be asked to wash their hands upon their arrival and throughout camp. Surfaces and kitchen tools are properly cleaned and sanitized after every use.
  • USDA Food Guidelines – Every camper will follow the USDA guidelines “Clean, Cook, Chill, Separate” when working with foods during camp.
  • Hair Ties & Comfortable Shoes – I recommend that children tie back hair and wear comfortable shoes during camp. This is to prevent children from constantly touching their faces to move their hair out of the way. We also stand for long periods of time, so it is important children are comfortable and have proper foot support.
  • Games and Activities – To reduce the spreading of germs, kids will be asked to wash their hands before and after the games or activities. Depending on the activity, gloves might be recommended. Shared equipment will be avoided.
  • Items Brought from Home – Any items brought from home (bags, cell phones, card games, etc.) will not be allowed in food preparation or cooking areas. Designated areas will be provided for your child to store their items. Anytime a child uses one of those items, they will be asked to follow the cleanliness procedures (washing hands, new gloves, new aprons etc).

Cancellation Policy

You may request to cancel your transaction for a full refund, up to 72 hours before the date and time of the event. Cancellations between 25-72 hours before the event may transferred to a different date/time of a similar class or a partial refund of 50% will be given. Cancellation requests made within 24 hours of the class date/time may not receive a refund nor a transfer. When you register for a class, you agree to these terms. If Wellness SLC must cancel a class, a full refund will be issued to those who are registered.